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Thriving Beyond Burnout

 Our dedicated focus is on guiding women in healthcare away from the brink of exhaustion and towards a space of rejuvenation, balance, and rekindled passion

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Your Journey to Recovery Begins Here

Each woman's experience is unique, but the feelings of being overwhelmed, drained, and detached are universally understood.


With individualized programs tailored to your needs and group coaching sessions that harness collective strength, we'll navigate the path to recovery together.


Services Designed for You
  • Individual Coaching: Dive deep into personalized sessions where we'll address your unique challenges, set meaningful goals, and create a blueprint for sustainable change.

  • Group Coaching: Connect with like-minded women, share experiences, and foster a community of support and empowerment. Together, we are stronger.

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Hi, I'm Dr. Emma Jones!

And as a hospice and palliative care physician, I know what burnout and compassion fatigue can feel like. 

In 2016, the burnout was so painful I almost quit healthcare altogether. To be honest, it's not surprising either. 

Healthcare is a field that combines compassion and science. And the stress of keeping it all together (without losing oneself) simply isn't something we are taught how to do. Not to mention the feat of juggling personal life amidst it all. 

But deep down, I knew my passion for healthcare was still within me...somewhere. 

I just needed to shift a few things around so the fire in my belly could reignite. 

There had to be a way to navigate this feeling so I could continue to help my patients without losing myself completely. 

So, I decided to hunker down and develop several practices that are now the foundation of my own joyful medical practice. 

My unique style of exploration and support allows each of my clients to feel open to finding the path that is right for them. 

Ready to uncover your path?

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Why Chose Emma Jones Coaching?

✓ Expertise: Our specialized approach for women in healthcare sets us apart. We're not just coaching; we're providing solutions rooted in real-world experience.

✓ Compassion: We understand your journey because we've been there. Our methods are grounded in empathy and understanding.

✓ Results: Time and again, our clients rediscover their passion, find balance, and reignite the joy in their professions.

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